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  • 品牌:   智航科技
  • 型号:   AZH-T系列激光切割生产线   


      The new laser cutting production line independently developed by our company ingeniousty combines the laser cutting technology with the coil uncoiling and feeding technology. Through the laser cutting head controllecl by the system, the continuous cutting is carried out on the laser cutting platform without stopping, instead of the press and mokJt which realizes the automatic blanking of the metal strip, and breaks through the original laser cutting equipment that can only cut the single sheet The technological bottleneck of the operation can make the coil fty cut (follow cutting) with laser cutter in the strip movement, sofve the problem of continuous metal and non-metal stmentstrip rapid blanking without mould, reduce the investit of blanking equipment and mould consumption cost, and effectiveiy improve the utilization rate of materials.


◆Low equipment investment: compared with the existing large-scale blanking production equipment, the laser cutting blanking
production line equipment has the advantages of small quality, low energy consumption, and no complex equipment foundation, greatly
reducing the initial investment and later maintenance and use costs.
◆High output efficiency: compared with the existing laser cutting equipment, the laser cutting blanking production line uses coiling
for billet production, instead of the production process that the coiling is sliced frst and then cut on the equipment, which improves
the production efficiency. High fexibilit. no need to make mold, advanced layout software and control system are adopted, product
specifications and shapes are transformed rapidly, which is suitable for various batch production.
◆Low maintenance cost with Chuangxin fiber laser cutter, the perfomance is reliable; at the same time, the laser cutting speed is fast,
the cutting speed of stainless steel can reach 45m I min (when the thickness is 1mm), and the cuting and blanking can be completed
quickly.High product quality: adopt high-precision leveler, high-precision feeding and cutting system, which can adapt to the production
of parts blank of various metal materials.
◆Low cost of use: since no die is needed for stamping, the cost of die manufacturing and maintenance is reduced; at the same time, the
equipment does not use a large press, so the production energy consumption is greatty reduced, and the environmental noise is also reduced.
◆High material tlilization rate: because of continuous production with coil, there will be no loss of material head and tail when single
piece is used; at the same time, the equipment adopts optimized layout to cut parts of various shapes without overlap, which reduces
material loss and improves material utilization rate.